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Bathmate Hercules Male Enlargement Penis Pump PE-013

₹8,549.10 ₹9,499.00 Save 10%
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Authentic Bathmate Hercules Penis Enlarger Enlargement Water Pump Hydropump

Erectile Dysfunction affects most men at some time in their lives, and for some it is more than just a temporary problem. Bathmate helps with these problems, and improves the lives of virtually all who use it.

Doctors have prescribed (and even designed) pumps for erectile dysfunction for many years. The Bathmate, designed by engineers, not doctors, is the first and only pump that uses water. The innovation of water makes for supreme efficiency and safety. The Bathmate mimics the effect that is achieved during a natural erection in the way that it draws blood into the penile blood vessels. The Bathmate exercises the penis and moves blood into vascular areas which may not have been able to carry as much blood before. By encouraging more blood to flow freely through these veins it has been found to be highly beneficial to men experiencing erectile dysfunction

Bathmate has been proven to have a positive effect from even the first session and when used regularly erection problems soon become a thing of the past.

Bathmate has multiple benefits including:

> Treating Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie's Disease (bent penis).
> Increasing penis size and psychological health.
> Improving cholesterol levels and overall cardiovascular health.
> Being the safest, most effective product on the market.
> Approximately 10 inches in inside length and opening of 2.125 inches.

Why use a Bathmate Hydropump:*

> Instant Visible Results
> 250% More Efficient than Air Pumps
> Gain 1-3 inches of length
> Increase Penis Thickness (girth)
> Boost Self Confidence
> Increase Sexual Stamina
> Intensify Your Orgasms
> Straighten Out That Curve
> Enlarge your Penis Head
> End Premature Ejaculation
> Helps with Erectile Dysfunction
> May help with Peyronie's disease
* Results may vary.

Specifications (allowing for penis size gains) when fully compressed:

> Maximum penis diameter 1.81 inches
> Maximum penis length 7.08 inches

Shipped discreetly in a plain brown box from United States of America (USA)

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