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It’s been generations that India has been basking in the wave of pleasure. Our country has a huge population and with it comes a variety of stories in several lives. So, to fix these challenges and make India a more passionate destination on earth, we here at Sexotica have brought an incredible variety of sex toys in Noida for men, women, and couples. Besides Noida, we have also got exceptional responses in cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Goa, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Sexotica is our online sex toys store in India that keeps products for all purposes, all genders, and almost all age groups. Singles, married and everyone are eligible to shop from this online sex toys store in India. The shopping procedures for sex toys in India are also quite simple and no one will face any challenges during the shopping process. In the coming days, we would surely love to help people get rid of physical challenges with our sex toys in Noida.


Is Everyone Eligible to Shop at Sexotica?

Sexotica welcomes all men, women, and couples to shop for sex toys in Noida and other cities in India. Those who wish to purchase sex toys from our store must be 18 or up.



Men want to meet their sexual needs, be it through their partner or with toys. So, we have brought a unique compilation of male sex toys in Noida which is going to benefit men of all ages. Not only toys, but we have also got some sensational accessories of superior quality that would be durable and safe as well. Our products are all new-age and quite effective.



Girls can now make their erotic dreams come true. It is our online sex toys store in India that has unlocked an incredible list of sex toys for women. We have got products for both single and married women who are looking forward to enjoying wonderful sex life. The sex gadgets we have got are all modernized and designed to trigger the sexual urge in women.



Sexotica greets a warm welcome to couples who want to start all over again. Here at our online sex toys store in India, partners will love shopping for everything they have been fantasizing about each other. The products here are all user-friendly and users would seek pleasure no doubt.   


What are the Procedures to Order Sex Toys in Noida at Sexotica?


Sexotica keeps everything simple and easy, be it processing an order or choosing a product. So, if you are here wondering how to place an order, we would let you know about two such procedures:

Have a look at the following two methods of how to order sex toys in Noida:


Talk to a Customer Care Support Executive

Sexotica brings you the opportunity to talk to a Customer Support Executive to help you place an order. A simple call will make this job easier. Once the customer validates his/her details over the phone, the request for an order would be fulfilled.


Go to the Website and Order

Being one of the most common ways of placing an order, Sexotica makes it quite convenient for one to shop from its website. A few formalities need to be met and thereafter, the order would be processed accordingly. Just choose a reputed payment scheme and the order would be taken.


What Adult Products are Available at Sexotica?

As we know, variety is the spice of life, and Sexotica makes no compromise in this respect. We have got a splendid variety for all men and women who want to bring a drastic change in their monotonous sex life.

Sexotica keeps everything in store to keep the sexual spirits intact for men, women, and couples. Hence, we have divided our products into specific categories and subcategories that would make shopping very comprehensive.


Female Sex Toys in Noida

Sexotica keeps no question when it comes to bringing sex toys in Noida for women. We have kept multiple subcategories that would make shopping more pleasurable. To be specific, girls will find here accessories and other needy stuff to shop from.


Sex Toys for Girls

When you give toys to girls, they would just continue to play and get naughty as much as they can. We have sex toys like bullet vibrators, G-spot vibrators, fun vibrators, glass dildos, electro sex toys, and more. All these are of remarkable quality and assure to strengthen confidence along with sexual powers.


Accessories for Girls

Girls are sure to experience a sea change in their sex life with products like nipple vibrators, silicone breast prosthesis, steel rings, breast silicone bra and pad, and more. These new-age accessories will undoubtedly make more intense, passionate, and excited in bed.


Needs for Girls

Apart from toys and accessories, girls look for needy products that would complement their sex life. Those needy adult toys in India which we have in our store will include pussy pumps, artificial hymen, penis enhancement pumps, breast enlargement creams, etc.


Male Sex Toys in Noida

Just forget the stress, anxiety, and weariness because Sexotica brings a mind-blowing collection of sex toys in Noida for men this time. Just make a wish and you will get your preferred toy to play with. The needy toys for men here are also good enough to consider:


Sex Toys for Boys

It’s not that girls would have the highest level of fun with sex toys. We have got such toys for men too. Some of our sex toys for males in India include sex dolls, big artificial vagina, male strokers, male masturbators, and more.


Needs for Boys

Besides toys, men will be able to make their sex life a lot more proactive. We have got such products which include penis sleeves, penis enlargement device, sex kit, cock ring, and more. Also, these products have proved to make men more optimistic and contented.


Couple Sex Toys in Noida

Now make all your naughty ideas come real in bed with your partner. Sexotica unlocks a wide collection of couple sex toys in Noida. These toys are sure to give couples loads of pleasure and entertainment in comparison to what they had earlier. Our sex toys in Noida for couples include anal dildos, strap-ons, butt plugs, toy cleaner, and whatnot.


Party Sex Toys in Noida

Planning an erotic party by any chance? Sexotica here brings you the chance to have fun with your partner with our party sex toys in Noida. We bring everything here from bondage toys to attractants and other fun stuff. Some of these products include a leather whip, sex swing, chastity lock device, mouth ball gag, etc. Our fragrances are always special and induce a sensual feel in the users. In this category, we also have amusing products like fragrant candles as well as lighters.


Lube and Herbal Sex Toys in Noida

Just like Sexotica has artificial toys and accessories, it also brings a wide range of natural products. Our lube and herbal products are for one and all, including men, women, and couples. We have got everything starting from delay sprays to herbal massage oil along with arousal gels and lubes. What’s great about these lube and herbal sex toys in Noida is that these comprise natural ingredients; hence safety is not at all an issue. The special coffee and sex drops are also specialized in strengthening one’s lovemaking abilities  


Long-Distance Sex Toys in Noida

Long-distance relationships are always special. So, Sexotica here brings an outstanding collection to help couples reunite with each other from far-off distances. What’s exclusive about an app control vibrator is that it is quite compact and can be operated through Bluetooth support. The experience is awesome when used by both partners. Sexotica has a trendy collection and each of the models comes with smart features. In terms of operation, it involves no hassles and is rather quite user-friendly.


Top Cities Where we Touched Prosperity

Sexotica is happy to serve almost every city in India. But out of these, here is a list of five such cities where we left a resounding impact:


Sex Toys in Delhi

After Noida, the city which responded well was Delhi. Here, orders ushered for bullet vibrators and super girl among the male and female sex toys in Delhi. Among the couple sex toys in Delhi, we received maximum orders for anal beads and strap-ons. The demand for sex toys in Delhi seems to be on the rise and will surge higher in the coming days.


Sex Toys in Mumbai

The rising want for sex toys in Mumbai was quite evident with constant orders for realistic vibrators and cock rings. There was also a noteworthy sales figure for lube and herbal sex toys in Mumbai. The app control vibrator was another one among the couple sex toys in Mumbai to grab the attention of couples all over the city.


Sex Toys in Kolkata

Kolkata had always been the most vibrant location among our service areas. Luxury vibrators and Lelo vibrators were among the popular sex toys in Kolkata. On the other hand, inflatable love dolls got considerable response among the male sex toys in Kolkata. Well, men, women, and couples will never stop talking about using sex toys in Kolkata, and the legacy will surely get going.


Sex Toys in Chennai

Chennai caught the attention of plenty of men asking for big artificial vaginas among the male sex toys in Chennai. Even a lot of women had looked for female sex toys in Chennai like We-Vibe vibrators and breast enlargement machines. From the conversations, it is also evident that there will be more demand for sex toys in Chennai in the long run.

Apart from these cities, we also witnessed rising demand in the need for sex toys in Agra. Similarly, there was a striking surge for sex toys in Amritsar. Likewise, the necessity felt for delivering sex toys in Goa was also felt. Also, there was a rising demand for sex toys in Rajkot, especially in the category of party toys.


Top 5 Sex Toys as per Sexotica

Although Sexotica is home to over 1200 products, we have listed here the best five products that have got massive responses from all over India. Take a quick look:

  • Rabbit Vibrator

There is no comparison to the cuteness of a rabbit. But this one which we have in our store has spread fire alongside. Yes, the rabbit vibrator is one of the most talked-about female sex toys in India that have made thousands of women fall for. Say in terms of price, variety, or functionality, our rabbit vibrators are out of the box. Women between 25 and 32 have been found to be in good numbers ordering for these female sex toys in Noida at Sexotica.


  • Spider Sower Masturbator

Men perceive heaven when they masturbate. We here at Sexotica have brought some hot and happening hands-free masturbators that would leave men asking for more. Just sit, put it over and get into action; it’s as simple as that. These masturbators are light in weight and give an extreme sensual feel owing to their soft-skin vagina. Made of good quality material, these sex toys for men in India have always been in high demand and will continue being at the top in the long run.


  • Anal Dildo

Give anal sex the safest yet pleasurable treatment with our set of anal dildos. These dildos eliminate the pain and make this sexual act quite easy to handle. The variety we have got here is huge while the prices for all the products have been kept quite reasonable.


  • Silicone Love Doll

Ask men if they want to play with a hot girl all night and the majority would say a yes. The silicone love dolls we have in our store are all of good quality and quite realistic. For being made of silicone, they are quite safe and soft to play with.


  • Glass Dildo

Having made of Pyrex, the glass dildo is considered to be favorites among girls. When heated up, these dildos feel awesome when inserted right into the inner chambers of women. Therefore, glass dildos are counted among the popular sex toys for females in Noida as per our online sex toys store.

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Keya A.
64 y.o.
Big Finger Vibe LXV-014
Big Finger Vibe LXV-014
Color HEATHER Total Length 7.4 Insertable Length 3.5 inches Dia 3.2 Material SILICONE Rechargable NO Wireless NO...
Highly recommended
I would highly recommend this toy to all the single ladies out there. It is a perfect pick to make your masturbatory sessions the best one. The sleek design and unique style make the toy attractive.
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Pauli K.
38 y.o.
What a great toy!
I am amazed by the features and workings of this toy. It gives me heightened pleasure and makes my masturbatory period the best one. Now I do not need to rely on anyone to make my sessions more satisfying.
Moderated on 02/13/2024.
Amrita K.
36 y.o.
Sets my mood
My mood turns naughty and sensational with this top-quality toy. The colour of this toy makes it attractive. Trust me, ladies, your every wild desire will surely come true with this toy. It has now become my best playmate.
Moderated on 02/13/2024.
Shreya M.
38 y.o.
Oh, what a toy !!
I have fallen in love with this toy. Imagining a night without this realistic vibrator has now become impossible for me. After using this vibrator, the definition of pleasure changed for me. I am so in love with the vibrations of this toy. It drives me crazy.
Moderated on 02/13/2024.
Obaidulla S.
38 y.o.
Great for solo play
This vibrator is the perfect one that I have bought so far. Trust me guys, buying it was the best decision ever. Now all my erotic fantasies are coming true with these toys. I just love the color and shape of this vibrator.
Moderated on 02/13/2024.
Satwinder S.
58 y.o.
Make the time valuable for me
My experience with a jelly-based cream is awesome. Friends, K-Y Johnson and Johnson lubricating cream is a boon. It has made my life way better than before. A small amount of it and then massaging makes it perfect for smooth and trouble-free penetration.
Moderated on 07/22/2023.
Akshay G.
No longer sad at all
Getting an erection is no longer a problem for me. When I'm in a bad mood, I can spray a little to get a better erection. I don't have to think twice about spending more time playing naughty games with my girlfriend. I'm happy that I can cheer her up.
Moderated on 07/22/2023.
Vihaan Y.
A handcuff that has freed my desire
I have the pleasure of playing with a pair of handcuffs that looks amazing. I have played naughty games with this accessory and trust me it give pleasure. My partner makes me his submissive and I have full enjoyment when my hands are tied without pain.
Moderated on 06/16/2023.
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