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Hot Girls Original USA Lotus Vagina KATSUNI MS-029

₹11,863.60 ₹12,488.00 Save 5%
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Evocative and erotic... welcome to the ultimate in seduction with the delectable Katsuni. Starring in over 200 adult films, Katsuni is famous for her tantalising curves and deliciously ripe body. The allure of her.French and Vietnamese heritage have combined to make her one of the most breathtakingly stunning women in the world. Now you too can have a taste of exotic perfection with the Katsuni Lotus Flashlight. An exact replica of Katsuni�s vagina, this Lotus style Flashlight has a smooth and tight opening, which blossoms into a wider, more comfortable canal to welcome and embrace your member as you explore every new part. Want more? An inverted node awaits deeper inside, reminiscent of brushing against the cervix during intercourse. The adventure is brought to a shuddering climax with the 4 tightly spaced chambers that firmly and lovingly embrace you to help you achieve satisfaction each and every time. Presented in a deluxe pearlescent case with full instructions included. Easy to use, clean and store.